In ideas spirit worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx.

TEDx is a program of self organized events that get people together to share a TEDlike experience.

At TEDxAmsterdam, live speakers will spark deep discussion and connection. Remember, consider test image below. Nevertheless, this reveals law in an active case being prosecuted by transnational Criminal Court against Ahmad Al Faqi Mahdi for attacking historic monuments and buildings dedicated to religion. Articles usually were written in ‘legalese’ instead of normal spoken language. It’s been tough work for designers to create ideas straight from this language. As almost ready made images for use by news maintenance, the use cases so far have been for protest signs in civilian action on common media, and as a deck of flash cards for refugees to see what abuses have been occurring in conflict area.

When it launches, I won’t understand demand for books until launch, the crowdfunding campaign will offer printed books as rewards. Probably a waterproof book offer should be useful for remote locations. NGOs like inter-national redish Committee Cross and Amnesty transnational produced, no doubt both graphic novels and animations, that tell all ‘highlevel’ intent and individual stories of human rights. For now, the proposals was narrowed down to 2 nominees, 2015 Award winner going to be announced shortly. TEDxAmsterdam Award draws attention, and offers support, to neighboring idea makers. Can images and ideograms pretty simple question. We as well need to test for culture differences. No’ may be represented by a circle with a dissecting line at an angle, or as a cross rotated by 45 degrees, or as a flat palm facing viewer.

For the most part there’s cultivated variation in understanding negation.